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Danielle Devon delivers the first installment of a near-future adventure as John and the others struggle to survive in a post-pandemic world. The secrets they keep could be humanity’s salvation…or it’s ultimate demise.

Death Follows: Exile

Ten years after the sickness turned dead men into living corpses, John Marshall found himself exiled from Haven. Beyond the walls of the sanctuary, John and the others struggle to survive in a world gone mad with hunger. But it’s not just the dead who hunt them, now Haven wants the girl. Can John and the others hold on to their humanity long enough to protect her, or will death continue to follow?

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From author Danielle Devon comes a new science fiction series: Death Follows, a near-future adventure of apocalyptic proportions. Look for Death Reader, a paranormal mystery featuring an unorthodox partnership between a homicide detective and a psychic late 2016! Then keep an eye out for Starcast, a science fiction adventure that explores how individuals lives can impact the past, the present and the future, coming in 2017!


Danielle Devon is a multi-published author who has settled comfortably into her unique realm of sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal fiction. Her writing has been hailed by reviewers as “darkly poetic,” her stories as “vividly painted with a colorful canvas which comes to life before your eyes.” She lives in the beautiful Northwest with her husband and children.

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